Mountaineering artists on Slavonian Lake

Mountaineering artists on Slavonian Lake Mountaineering artists on Slavonian Lake This year as well, organized by the Croatian Mountaineering Association Sokolovac (HPDSokolovac) from Požega every last May weekend was chosen for a healthy and activevacation with good company. The purpose was to reach another goal and enroll anotherweekend in this year’s active vacation card. The […]

Route Pleternica

Route Pleternica – Ruševo – Sovsko Lake The Pleternica-Ruševo-Sovsko Lake route takes us from the Terra Panonica InterpretationCenter on the trip through Slavonian villages located near Dilj gora to an area of oak andhornbeam forests rich with plants and animals.   The uniqueness of this area consists of the ability to experience local culture and […]


Mountaineers on Sovsko Lake During your stay at the IŠŠijada in Ruševo, it is good to ask the locals about the famousmedieval legend that is told in the evenings with open fire and peasant brick bread ovens about the origin of Sovsko Lake, the only lake in continental Croatia and this part of the Pannonian plain. any […]

Issijada in Rusevo

IŠŠijada in Ruševo Anyone from Buk who continues towards Ruševo in the autumn atmosphere can visit theRuševac IŠŠijada, a unique cultural and gastronomic local festival.    From the products from local farms, excellent chicken stews are prepared according to old Slavonian recipes, and stories are told that have been circulating for centuries in small Slavonian villages scattered on […]

Mushroom Festival in Buk

Mushroom Festival in Buk In the small village of Buk, the Dilj Mushroom Festival is being held in the fall, and its name already reveals what kind of festival it is, because experienced mushroom pickers find their best specimens in the dense forests of Dilj Gora.    At altitudes of 200 to almost 500 meters, in the shade […]

Local culture

Local culture in gastronomic style In addition to all that Pleternica’s “Terra Panonica” offers, we were brought here by thecuriosity to get to know local cultural events related to the seasonal gastronomic customs of Slavonia, which has a rich culinary tradition.    These local cultural events are marked by a unique opportunity to meet local gastronomic masters […]

Pannonian vistas

Pannonian vistas Here we focus on an interesting journey through the past of local culture along the slopes of Dilj gora which closes the southeastern part of the Slavonian mountains as a unique Pannonian geographical unit, and with peaks reaching almost five hundred meters above sea level, this area is a unique atmosphere in the […]

Slavonian hiking trail

On the Slavonian hiking trail Pleternica is a Slavonian town of hardworking people, rich in entrepreneurial and innovative potential with numerous cultural events throughout the year, and its position and layout of streets are woven into its natural environment so that we can walk from the central city park in just a few minutes.   […]

Slavonian forest

From the local park into Slavonian forest Our journey starts from the center of Pleternica towards the surrounding oak and hornbeam forests, between which nature and culture in the rhythm of Slavonian culture turned into unique and original settlements of small rural communities.   The village on the slopes of Dilj gora from Pleternica can […]

Terra Panonica

Interpretation Center Terra Panonica A visit to the Interpretation Center Terra Panonica in Pleternica provides a significant insight into an ancient world that existed in this area for millions of years before the first human habitation was built, and then the settlements that emerged in this area at the dawn of civilization.   However, in […]