Help and development of the local community


Supporting Communities provides a self-help approach to community development, offering support, advice and information, to new and existing community or residents groups, statutory and voluntary organisations in Slavonia. 


We tryes to help with financing the projects, through national or local government support, or through sponsoring from organisations, companies and private persons.

Forum democratia

We live in a present, as it is now, but we want a better, more dignified, safer and better organized society.


We would like to be happy, healthy, humane, optimistic. How to achieve this? What do we do ourselves to realize it? Are we not more critical than self-critical?


What about optimism, new spirit, new ideas? Isn’t it true that we are removing ourselves and running from the truth – or just talking to ourselves?

citizen house

Developing of an citizen house and a local museum. 


The local citizen group Put in Rusevo are assisting on voluntary basis in developing and finalizing the house.

local road trees

Roadside tree planting is aimed at protecting and maintaining roads and landscapes, vital in road maintenance and management, and for its environment.


And also other socio-economic benefits like shade- cover, beautification, restoring ecosystems, attracting bees and medicinal use indicate the importance of trees.

local roads

We are working on plans for developing the roads i Rusavo in the future. So the roads will be more nice and safe in the future.

houses development

We are working on plans to develope and reuse some of the old house in the area.

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