Our activities for the revitalization of Slavonija is directed on developing concrete projects. Because of that, we joined the local community in Ruševo which has 265 residents living there today. In this Slavonija village, we are creating basics for quality life and multigenerational cooperation on mutual projects.

We are tightly cooperating with local association PUT which in Ruševo is leading everyday activities on reaching the appropriate quality of life which will secure permanent sustainability of this little village and attract new residents to whom Slavonija will become occasionally or constantly a place of living and working on mutual multigenerational projects.

Ruševo is a region of wealthy history and traditional culture which this local association is again reviving by converting its tradition in touristic content.


To prevent the emigration of young people from Ruševo and nearby places to attract volunteers and supporters for developing Ruševo and 20 surrounding villages, established at the beginning of 2020. Facebook group Pokrenimo Ruševo until 10.10.2020. has gathered 177 members.
This Facebook group promotes local culture and local activities. Group members are from all parts of Croatia and other countries in the European Union, from other continents as well from Australia to North America. Everywhere where Croats moved out from their country in 19. and 20. century.
This little Facebook community is converting into one innovative movement for the preservation of local culture. Leader of the Facebook group Kruno Kaić every week sets some contributions in cooperation with his colleagues.

In his 81st  year, This tireless builder is digitally literate and with his colleagues in creating digitally long-term connections with volunteers from many EU countries and other continents.


Until now residents of Ruševo have launched numerous activities, from yearly hiking from hiking societies which are here gathering from whole Croatia, until artist gatherings, and lately admirers of nordic walking, cycling, and gastronomy.

To strengthen the local community, the initiative is launched for maintenance yearly manifestations in Ruševo where volunteers would gather and carry out initiatives for the revitalization of rural territories in Croatia. 

In 2019 is held the first manifestation of the democratic forum which dealt with the theme of how to stay and survive in Ruševo, despite all problems.
The central problem is the departure of young people to other more developed regions of the European Union or other urban territories in Croatia, and the main reason for this emigration is a lack of local jobs, companies, and workplaces.


The idea for organizing a forum of democratic in Ruševo came from the Danish island Bornholm in the Baltic sea which residents head in maintaining a traditional national assembly to strengthen democracy and cooperation for the preservation of the life of this island community.
On Danish Folkemødet – national assembly in Bornholm every year gathers around 100 000 residents with many events and various content. This Danish example of how the local community can start a new development cycle was an inspiration for starting the Forum of democratic in Ruševo, and his idea initiator and actuator of many activities as part of this forum, Kruno Kaić, is already working on preparing a program for 2021 year.
This year’s forum was not held because of restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. In good faith that next year it will be possible to hold a second Forum of democratic in Ruševo with various activities for the revitalization of Ruševo and nearby villages, currently in the process of preparation.

This forum held experts and volunteers who will together in Ruševo exchange their knowledge and experience necessary for the maintenance of local communities in rural territories of Croatia and countries of the EU.


For everyone interested in 2021. to visit Ruševo and nearby villages, it is possible to send your application on our electronic mail:

Applications can be sent until 30.4.2021.

Time of holding Forum of democratic 2021.. from 14. until 20. June, it’s going to be filled with many different activities and contents, educational workshops, and lectures on themes of rural development, revitalization of local communities, maintenance development, eco-tourism, organic production of food, and preservation of traditional culture.

The first meeting for creating the program FORUM OF DEMOCRATIC RUŠEVO 2021 will be held in 2021 in Zagreb with the beginning in Park Ribnjak.

Your applications for participation can be sent on our electronic mail address:


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