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Promotion rural Croatia
This page www.slavonia.biz is an extension of our work on promoting Croatian rural areas, favorable for Organizing touristic visits in most representative parts of continental Croatia, in which are areas of Ecological network NATURA 2000.

Slavonia among European Regions

This region is stretching on 12.566 spatial kilometers. That area is almost double bigger than Danish region Zealand (7.273 km2), and in the number of residents, Slavonia has 806.000 residents, and it’s almost the same as Zealand with 816.000 residents.

Slavonia is area little bit bigger than German Lower Bavaria (10.330 km2) which has 1.192.543 residents, significantly more than Slavonia, especially in surface ratio.

If we would compare Slavonia with other regions in countries of European Union, we would see her size in this big European scope which presents one dot that is very hard to find on the map of the European Union. Slavonia is a distinctively rural region in comparison to most of the regions in countries of the European Union.

Euro velo route 13 in Slavonia

From Scandinavia to Slavonia we can safely travel if we use EURO VELO ROUTE 13.

We intend to increase the visibility of Slavonia in the corridor of bicycle movements in the area of the European Union, also to bring this wealthy region in the east of Croatia to all travelers who are traveling on touristic routes of the European Union.

At the beginning of 21. century Slavonia started to develop rural tourism, and in last years this east part of Croatia is filled more and more with quality bicycle paths which from the perspective of Denmark and other parts of Scandinavia is very hard to discover and decide to visit some of their local touristic destinations.

On the daily basis, we are watching Slavonia from Copenhagen and that is why we set ourselves a goal to make a safe, comfortable, and attractive view on trips and visits to Slavonia.

From Denmark to Slavonia with bicycle
Our web page slavonia.biz will show you how can you travel safely with bicycles from Denmark until Slavonia, following the content of EURO VELO route 13.

At the same time, we will present to you some of the bicycle routes and subjects for cyclists which are plenty in Denmark.
This Scandinavian country is considered one of the leading countries with cycling development in the European Union.

In Copenhagen one-third of employees are going to work on a bicycle, in Denmark, there are 12.000 kilometers of well-arranged bicycle roads.

It will be our pleasure to show how safe, easy, and comfortable you can travel with a bicycle to Slavonia, and not only from Denmark, but from any other country in which Euro Velo route 13 is leading to Slavonia.

Latest News

Iron curtain bike trip

Iron curtain bike trip EURO VELO – Welcome to Slavonia! Our goal is to provide everyone who uses bicycles, whether they are professionals, beginners, recreationists

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Our team

From the initiative of Danish entrepreneur, Kruno Kaić were started numerous initiatives for developing Croatia, especially for developing Slavonia. During the last 5 years, Kruno was working on developing the web page slavonia.biz. On making this web site he passed all phases of web design and gathered a team for managing this project.

Successful manager of the IT sector Johnny Fevre From Copenhagen joined Kruno on this virtual journey through Slavonia and continental Croatia, for contributions and reportage in their team they invited journalist and adviser for rural development from EKO CENTER “Maple meadows” Slavka Vukovića.

With this narrow team, Kruno coordinates with the width council for the rural development of Slavonia which has formed an ad hoc project group with an international character. This ad hoc council for rural development of Slavonia gathers once per year in the Slavonian village Ruševo on a yearly forum of democratic.

Ege Onat is a new addition to the team, currently studying Multimedia and Design at a university in Denmark. Ege joined the project in the fall of 2020. and has been working with few parts of this project.

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