Help and development of the local community


Supporting Communities provides a self-help approach to community development, offering support, advice and information, to new and existing community or residents groups, statutory and voluntary organisations in Slavonia. 


We tryes to help with financing the projects, through national or local government support, or through sponsoring from organisations, companies and private persons.

eco trademark

We create a distinct and unique brand that is recognizable by consumers as a symbol of quality and satisfaction.


On the advice of Kruna Kaić, honorary representative of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Denmark, author of the idea and owner of the Golden Valley Croatia project brand, we started a partnership.

eco Wine

The Romans called the Požega area Vallis Aurea, the Golden Valley, and it is therefore not surprising that wine from this area is a perennial winner at wine fairs around the world.


I cooperation with in Denmark are we selling Eco wine in Scandinavia.

Eko-OPG Emić

Eco-OPG Emić is a family farm located in a small village called Ruševo. We managed to build a modest and comfortable ranch in a clean natural environment with three small lakes through many years of work.


The ranch is located at the foot of Dilj Gora, where Sovsko Lake is located.

ECO Chickens and eggs


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