nature experiences

The trips starts at eco emic OPG

  • Here we meet.
  • P-space for busses and cars.
  • Possible for local food incl. local truffle.
  • Beverages.
  • Guided trips.
  • The tour goes through scenic areas to Sovsko Jezero.

opportunities in Sovsko Jezero

The area offers many possibilities.

Both for families, groups and schools that can use the area for teaching.

There are many hiking trails that can also be used, among other things. moutinbikes.

Large natural playground, and many possibilities for cooking on the bonfire / grill.

experiance a fantastic nature

The area Dilj Gora. Map of trails and descriptions of the area.

eco emic opg

Eco-OPG Emić is a family farm, located in a small village called Ruševo.

We have managed to build a small but pleasant ranch in a clean natural environment, and with three small ponds created over many years.

The ranch is located at the foot of Mount Dil, where the lake Sovsko is also located.

The area is surrounded by beautiful hills, which are created for scenic walks for nature lovers and climbers.

OPG was founded in 2002.

eco emic opg

Video of nature walks

Video slavonia

map the dilj gora trips

map the Ruševo area

The view tower of Soviet Jezero, overlooking the Golden Valley

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