Mountaineering artists on Slavonian Lake

Mountaineering artists on Slavonian Lake

This year as well, organized by the Croatian Mountaineering Association Sokolovac (HPD
Sokolovac) from Požega every last May weekend was chosen for a healthy and active
vacation with good company. The purpose was to reach another goal and enroll another
weekend in this year’s active vacation card. The mountaineering May weekend is
traditionally dedicated to artists inspired by nature, and the goal of the hiking route is theunique lake of Croatia.



Hikers are promoting eco-tourism

HPD “Sokolovac” regularly helps local development in cooperation with local
economies and encourages the development of rural tourism. At the start of the hiking route, Ruševo mountaineers from Slavonian cities stopped by the local farm of the Emić family, who are preparing the mountaineering breakfast for all participants of the hiking trip. 


The 6.6 km long Ruševo-Sovsko Lake hiking trail takes about three hours to crosswalk according to the words of an experienced mountaineering guide Predrag Livak. So this one one-day hiking trip is an introduction to a more serious way of thinking about how to encourage young people in Ruševo to open agrotourism and host-only Croatian tourists, to begin with, and then guests from other EU countries.


Art program for hikers

Upon arrival at Sovsko Lake, an art program for hikers began. The walk blew out all the

stress and anxiety accumulated during the business week. The walkers enjoyed the smell
of blooming acacias and elderberries, meadow flowers, and medicinal plants on the ascent to the lake. 


A complete moment of inspiration occurred. Mountaineering art therapy has begun recitals of poems by members of mountaineering societies engaged in writing poetry. So the spirit of poetry and pastoral enthusiasm played in the space of Sovsko Lake in an instant. As in ancient times when nymphs visited the shores of the Pannonian Sea. To the performer’s recitals of the HPD Sokolovac were handed over at the recital.



The song of the Owl Lake

The continuation of the art program was spiced up by amateur painters. The mountaineering audience read petals of the meadow flowers picked in the meadows along the hiking route. The poetics of the moment she focused on the rhythm of a century-old oak forest and it all turned into a collective hour healing accumulated fatigue and stress. Listening and watching turned into silence, and the perspective of the ambiance revived inner peace. People under century-old oaks listened to the song of Owl Lake. Many then agreed that this was a great recipe for an active vacation.

Mountaineers determined to help local development

May Sunday hosted more than a hundred mountaineers from Slavonia. It turned out again that there are young and skilled people in Ruševo and its surroundings who are ready to host everyone’s company and each guest. The local association Put, istina i život proved to be a good co-organizer. This hiking trip to Sovsko Lake is a good introduction to another pioneering year of Ruševac eco-tourism. Once again, the local people have shown their readiness and virtue, and we give them an excellent grade in the preparation of this event. The mountaineers thus invited the others to join them in fulfilling the mission: “How to stay and survive in Ruševo?” The recipe is a combination of local production and eco-tourism.


Eco tourism in Ruševo

The initiator of the local community sustainability campaign, Mr. Kruno Kaić, already has

a ready response from Copenhagen, the world’s metropolis of cycling culture, and says:

“Create a Slavonian bicycle park in Ruševo and develop eco-tourism as it is already there is one here in Denmark! ”Kruno is pleased with the mountaineering weekend, right away he started promoting it early Sunday morning on the Facebook page “Let’s get started Ruševo “which he leads from Copenhagen in his nineties, smiling and innovative as Danish entrepreneurs already are. So he did this hiking weekend another successful step towards eco-tourism on Dilj gora.




Starting point: Ruševo, 171 m / nm

Target: Owl Lake, 359 m / nm

Length of hiking trail: 6.6 km

Organizers: HPD Sokolovac, Požega and Section Ruševo

Partners: Association Put, istina i život, Ruševo

Media promotion:

Social networks: Let’s start Ruševo | Facebook 

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