Mountaineers on Sovsko Lake

During your stay at the IŠŠijada in Ruševo, it is good to ask the locals about the famous
medieval legend that is told in the evenings with open fire and peasant brick bread ovens about the origin of Sovsko Lake, the only lake in continental Croatia and this part of the Pannonian plain. any area of Europe. 


This small lake hidden by the canopy of Dilj oaks hides a millennial secret about the disappearance of the ancient Pannonian Sea. 


This secret is told during the IŠŠijada in Ruševo, and guests are recommended to inquire about this legend, which still inspires creative spirits and encourages millennial vitality. 


If you don’t believe the stories of Ruševo, you can walk to this strange lake in the heart of Slavonia, which visitors called “Diljski oko”, because part of the Slavonian hiking trail, in the spring when the Mountaineers’ Hike to Sovsko Lake and the gathering of poets takes place in Ruševo, over the vanished storms of the ancient sea.


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