Municipality of Caglin

The old Caglin was scattered along the southern shore, and the new Caglin along the railway and the road to Bektež. The pre-Turkish Caglin must have been somewhere along the Londža towards Ruševo, because the ruins of the old church of Sv. Ivana.


Until the founding of the parish in Ruševo after the Turks, Čaglin belonged to the parish of Sesvete (St. XV.). When Vjenceslav Turković, a merchant from Karlovac, bought a Kutjevo estate next to the Pleternica-Našice railway line at a public auction in 1882, the new owner built a sawmill in Irenovac and built 50 kilometers of narrow-gauge industrial railway line, which brought trains from all sides technical timber to the new sawmill.


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