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Eco tourism is the future of Slavonia – Ruševo and its surroundings

Considering a large part of Dilj Gora belongs to the areas of the NATURA 2000 ecological network, the winning formula for the successful development of this area is eco-tourism. 


However, in order for visitors from European Union countries to recognize such unique areas of pure and preserved nature on their EURO VELLO ROUTE tours, it is necessary to create appropriate tourist infrastructure and tourist facilities for touring and staying in this area.


In the past ten years, the village of Ruševo has been recognized by its activities among numerous visitors who come to at least one of the local events during the year as a leader in local tourism development. 


Rural tourism has already strongly entered the wider area of Slavonia and Baranja, so the next step in the tourism development of this Croatian region is to create an original offer in the segment of eco-tourism.


As local economies have been developing organic production for many years, it will be natural to upgrade local healthy food by offering content through the development of eco-tourism.


Mountaineers come to Ruševo and this village is a place where they meet when they head towards Sovsko Lake. People come to Ruševo during the autumn when the locals organize a tourist attraction called IŠŠIJADA, where traditional chicken goulash is prepared according to old recipes, and dishes are prepared by local teams composed of family members and their friends. 


Guests from the surrounding Slavonian cities are also coming to the IŠŠIJAD in Ruševac, and the task before us is for the slavonia.biz website to bring guests from other parts of Croatia to this attractive event, as well as our many friends from the European Union.

A Democracy Festival was launched in Ruševo, modeled on the Danish Festival of Democracy, which is held on the island of Bornholm in Denmark.


The initiator of this event is a Danish entrepreneur with Croatian roots from Copenhagen, who in the ninth decade daily helps the development of Ruševo with the aim of encouraging such peripheral parts of Croatia to develop and survive through innovative projects of sustainable development and eco-social economy.


The production of healthy food, the protection of natural and cultural heritage, through the innovative contents of the local offer, represent the future of Ruševo and its surroundings precisely through the local approach to the development of eco-tourism. 


Although until today Ruševo has been late in the overall economic development by accepting innovations according to the Danish model, as encouraged by the Danish entrepreneur Kruno Kaić, in the years ahead with the offer of eco tourism, Ruševo region can become a leader in eco tourism in Slavonia and Croatia.

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