Democratic Forum

DEMOCRATIC FORUM RETURN TO RURAL LIFE Our activities for the revitalization of Slavonija is directed on developing concrete projects. Because of that, we joined the local community in Ruševo which has 265 residents living there today. In this Slavonija village, we are creating basics for quality life and multigenerational cooperation on mutual projects. We are […]

Our vision

Our vision Eco tourism is the future of Slavonia – Ruševo and its surroundings Considering a large part of Dilj Gora belongs to the areas of the NATURA 2000 ecological network, the winning formula for the successful development of this area is eco-tourism.    However, in order for visitors from European Union countries to recognize […]

Iron curtain bike trip

Iron curtain bike trip EURO VELO – Welcome to Slavonia! Our goal is to provide everyone who uses bicycles, whether they are professionals, beginners, recreationists or just preparing to become cyclists, a pleasant and fast access to the highest quality services in the use of bicycle routes in Croatia, and especially in continental Croatia from […]

Traditional construction

Traditional construction in Slavonia Traditional construction and traditional culture represent a valuable basis for developing rural tourism of Slavonia, accordingly with these orientations we will try to encourage interested investors to revitalization Slavonian traditional estates.    It is our pleasure to represent manual Tradicijska kuća Slavonije i Baranje which gives detailed instructions to everyone interested […]

Citizen House and local museum

Homeland gallery Ruševo Homeland gallery Ruševo In 1998. a travel writer from Požega Tomislav Wittenberg published his first book PUVARIJA surely he didn’t know that because of his writing, residents from Ruševo will 20 years later approach arranging building of the former municipality in Ruševo.  In searching for the wealthy medieval culture of Slavonija in […]