From walking machine to Tour de Croatia

From walking machine to Tour de Croatia

People were always tended for innovations, but nobody knows when we started to think about the different types of transportations that would provide fast and safe arrival in most distant places. We are all known for the fact that the first bicycle driver was German inventor Baron Karl von Drais, who offered the world his model of the bicycle named Draisine in 1817 and became the Inventor of the first functional bicycle. Over the past two hundred years, bicycles have been developing rapidly and people have used them for different purposes, but all of them shared that basic goal of having a safe, fast, and pleasant journey to a certain destination. Nowadays, cycling is also a sport discipline, but progressively a special form of tourism that is becoming appealing to an increasing number of EU citizens.
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Since 2015, Croatia has also hosted the international Tour of Croatia cycling competition.

Recommendations for a safe and comfortable bike ride

Cyclotourism is a special form of tourism activity is growing in momentum and the number of tourists who spend their free time mostly on bicycle visiting tourism destinations is becoming increasingly significant.

The top priority for attracting bikers to their desired tourist destinations is the quality of local traffic infrastructure with bicycle and bicycle-hiking trails.

Researchers point the fact that good bicycle infrastructure increases the interest in using bikes in everyday traffic and ultimately attracts a larger number of cyclo tourists. 

Bike rides are pleasant if they provide safety, directivity, connectivity, attractiveness, and comfort to bikers. For a safe and comfortable bike ride, it is important to invest in a quality bicycle structure.

Rusevo as the bicycle destination

For several years there has been a significant initiative in Rusevo for the development of a local bike path that would enable visitors of the part of the Slavonian hill to have better conditions for visiting the local natural and cultural heritage. 

The initiative suggests there is an important NATURA 2000 ecological network area here. Firstly is 68,5 ha of Lake Sovsko which has been, since 1989 registered in protected landscape areas of Croatia. 

From Rusevo you can reach the area of this natural reserve that is rich in plant and animal populations, by local hiking paths, forest ways, and field paths. 

Linking the wider area with the hiking and bike paths would create excellent conditions for the arrival of cyclo tourists from Croatia and the EU.

Bicycle park Diljsko oko – riding along the shores of the Pannonian Sea

The preconditions for the development of a cyclo tourism attraction in the central part of Slavonia will be credited from Sovsko Lake to Rusevo, the arrangement of 15 kilometers of a bike path on the slopes of Dilj hill. 

Fields, meadows, high oak, and beech forests will become closer to the visitors of this region. The bicycle park between Rusevo and Sovsko is a possible opportunity for numerous excursions and nature lovers from all over Slavonia. 

Since the area around Rusevo is well connected with all the urban areas of Slavonia it is accessible to many people living in this region. Bicycle park Diljsko oko – Rusevo will represent a unique tourist attraction for biking along the shore of the ancient Pannonian Sea. 

The campaign for the arrangement of the Rusevo bike route continues this autumn in cooperation with the volunteers of mountaineering societies who will continue the basic marking of this biking route. 

The campaign would be announced in the middle of 2021 to present an ideal solution for Diljsko oko – Rusevo biking park to assist the local population and encourage local and regional self-government to support the development of cyclo tourism in this region.

Roadway through Rusevo – for a safe and comfortable driving

For the future of tourism development of Rusevo and its surroundings, it is important to approach the modernization of this part of the Caglin municipality on the section of the state road D-53 passing through the settlement of Rusevo according to the conceptual design proposed by the Danish urban experts. 

Denmark is on the top of the development of a European bicycle culture and the development of cyclo tourism with thousands of kilometers of arranged bicycle trails. 

The future section of the road through Rusevo is planned according to the works which regulate Danish roads and bicycle routes. 

Using the construction of such a modern road, Rusevo would become an attractive place for numerous bicyclists from all over Croatia and EU countries, as a place of safe and comfortable bike riding in the natural environment.

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