Supporting Communities provides a self-help approach to community development, offering support, advice and information, to new and existing community or residents groups, statutory and voluntary organisations in Slavonia. 

We tryes to help with financing the projects, through national or local government support, or through sponsoring from organisations, companies and private persons.

local museum

Developing of an citizen house and a local museum. 

The local citizen group Put in Rusevo are assisting on voluntary basis in developing and finalizing the house.

Walking Trails in Nature

The area offers many possibilities.

Both for families, groups and schools that can use the area for teaching.

There are many hiking trails that can also be used, among other things moutinbikes.

Large natural playground, and many possibilities for cooking on the bonfire / grill.

Biker rutes in nature


Projekt in cooperation with the local organisations and uthorities.

culture walks

Owl Lake soon brings together mountaineering poets and painters

HPD Sokolovac from Požega and their section Ruševo-Buk are having an traditional mountaineering and cultural event on the protected natural landscape Sovsko Lake whit the Meeting of mountaineers poets and painters 2019.

iron curtain bike trip

The 9,950-kilometer Euro Velo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail allows cyclists to navigate part of 20th-century European history along a path that for almost half a century violently divided Europe into eastern and western European political influences that emerged immediately after World War II created a state of division that lasted until the end of the Cold War period in 1990.

Photo Safari

Shaped by the force of the mighty rivers Drava, Danube, Sava and Ilova, Slavonia is a mythical region that for centuries has guarded its treasures.

It is characterised by the wide, endless expanse of the golden Pannonia plains, and by rivers that gave birth to the flood areas, which, in turn, provide an ideal habitat for the now centuries-old forestsof common oak (Quercus robur) as well as for more than 2000 biological species.

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